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Video Production in Geneva: all you need to know

While we may be skilled in many areas, sometimes we ought to leave out some jobs for the professionals to handle; and video production is best delivered by professional video production agencies.

In this article, you will learn the fundamental processes of video production; and how video production agencies in Geneva can be beneficial to your business.

What is video production?

Video production is the process of creating a video for whatever purpose. It begins from the planning and mapping of the video to the video's actual distribution to the right audience.

The major stages of video production

The entire process of video production is divided into three major stages with subdivision processes. They include the pre-production phase, the production phase, and the post-production phase. For any video produced for brand marketability to achieve its purpose, it has to go through this 3-phased process.

1. Pre-production Phase

The pre-production phase exempts all proper production processes. It focuses on planning, mapping, and collating all the resources and data needed for the production. In this phase, the following is sourced, deliberated upon, and concluded upon:

  • deciding upon the target audience

  • laying out the concept of the video

  • script writing

  • story boarding/shot list creation

  • defining the budget

  • picking out locations

  • casting

  • creating a production schedule

  • gathering production equipment

  • employing the video production crew and other human resources

2. Production Phase

Getting it right at the pre-production phase makes the actual production a lot easier to achieve. The production phase involves filming and videography. Here, cameras come to play, actors get to acting, voice-overs are recorded, and scripts come to life.

This stage may last a few hours to many days, depending on the type of video being produced and the message passed. The production process includes various departments like the sound technicians, special effects crew, camera and lighting department, etc.

3. Post-production Phase

The post-production phase is the video editing phase. Like the graphic and visual effects team, some critical departments are instrumental in tidying the video's loose ends and giving it its finishing touches. Video editing also includes audio and graphic editing to ultimately presenting the video as a tidy finished production.

While these three phases are crucial to video production, digitally marketing a brand via videos does not end there for brands. It goes beyond post-production processes to strategically distribute the videos on advertising platforms to get the videos to prospective business leads. The rationale is that video production is incomplete until the content is watched by the right audience.

Types of video production

Video production takes various forms of outlook depending on the target audience and the organization or body. It may also differ based on the concept of the video. Below are a few common types of video production typical to the digital space:

Drone shot of Plainpalais in Geneva Switzerland
Drone shot of Plainpalais in Geneva Switzerland

3 reasons why you need a video production agency in Geneva to digitally market your brand

Perhaps you do not want to go through the rigorous steps of producing a video for your brand (or whichever purpose you need a video produced for). Maybe you do not have the expertise to deliver a superb video? The most viable option for you is to enlist a professional video production agency in Geneva.

Here are a few reasons why you should employ a professional video production agency in Geneva for your brand's digital marketing.

1. Expertise and Professionalism

As aforementioned, a video production novice may not have the capabilities to create professional videos. Having a camera or filming images from correct angles may not be all that is required to produce the perfect video for your brand.

Video production agencies bring their expertise and professional skills to deliver a terrific production. Thus increasing your brand credibility and enhancing your business's outlook.

2. Saves Cost

Budgeting is vital in any video production in Geneva. Using a video production agency's services in Geneva will help you save cost and channel your funds into other activities instrumental to enhancing your brand's image.

These agencies come with their equipment and staff, meaning that you do not have to outsource to a team of crew members and rent or buy production equipment at exorbitant costs.

3. Creative Idea Suggestions

The team of a production agency comprises not only film making experts but also content creators. To this effect, you may get suggestions on the best approaches to the production that will be beneficial to your business and unique and original to your brand.


The internet is riddled with various tips and hacks that can make producing videos seem easy peasy. Nonetheless, a clear difference based on professionalism and efficiency is always recognizable when a professional does the job. If you want this for your brand, go for the best video production agency in Geneva for quality delivery.


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