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Video Production in Geneva in a wrap!

Marketing videos, wedding films, educational videos or event videos, you name it. They are all instances of video production. But that’s not all. It’s all about creating video content for a particular purpose, in this case, brand marketing.

Brand marketing campaigns have shifted from the era of only print and text advertisements to more high-end digital marketing options which involve video productions.

With a steadily rising percentage of marketers subscribing to video ads, chances are that the business owners and entrepreneurs who do not incorporate video productions into their advertising schemes may be predisposed to a decline in customer engagements or an overall downfall in business growth.

As you keep reading, you’ll get introduced to the stages of video production and things you should do to help your video productions stand out from the crowd.

Video production in Geneva in a wrap

A proper video production goes through the three major stages of production – pre-production, production, and post-production.

In pre-production, you attend to all the preliminary video production issues, including scheduling, drafting, creating storyboards, planning, scriptwriting, auditioning actors, and significant administrative duties.

The next stage, the production stage, is where filming and videography occur correctly. Video and photography tools are brought in to capture the actors in the act. The post-production stage includes cleaning up the rough edges in the video by editing the clips, sounds and fixing the motion pictures.

The post-production stage could also include the distribution of the video content. Distribution is crucial for dispensing the content to the right audience. Depending on the type of video production, the distribution could occur on the internet, TV, social media, blogs, brand websites, etc.

To get the perfect video production in Geneva in a wrap for your brand, certain things are a must-do. And here are some of them:

 The Jet d'eau, is the eye catcher of Geneva's harbour
The Jet d'eau, Geneva's huge water fountain is the eye catcher of Geneva's harbour

5 Video Production Tips that Make Your Video Content Stand Out

Everyone makes video content. Every brand invests in video marketing campaigns to give their businesses the boost it needs. But not everyone gets it right with video productions. If you do not want to be identified with the latter group of persons, these tips are rules you should never depart from when producing your brand video.

1. Lighting makes a huge difference

The difference between the elite gram shots you see and others is proper lighting. The angles from which filming and videography are done should be in tandem with the position of the lights. Always place the subject of the production within the focus of the light to avoid dark silhouettes and likes.

The secret to award-worthy videos is using natural light as much as possible. This is because natural light has a way of improving the aesthetics of pictures and videos. And when natural lighting is not an option, go for high-quality artificial lighting equipment.

2. The sound should be topnotch

Poorly recorded videos with terrible sounds and sound effects can ruin a perfectly filmed video. Ensure the microphones are not so far from the subject and intruding background noises are kept at the barest minimum or eradicated altogether.

A perennial issue with video sounds includes a mismatch between the sound and the actual pictures in motion. To avoid such a distracting situation, record your audio separately and include it in the video footage when editing.

3. High definition picture quality only

It’s torturous watching a video with inferior camera quality. Anything less than HD quality doesn’t stand a chance with an audience who are a brand’s potential business leads. HD videos are attainable with equally high definition filming equipment and professional editing software.

4. Location matters

The locations in video production have to be in sync with the message of the videos. Geneva has some of the most stunning locations in the world. The right site adds aesthetics to the video content as well as provokes the right emotions. Suppose you are indisposed to getting the right place for a shoot. In that case, you can design a studio with the help of professionals to project the choice location.

5. Use silhouetting

Silhouetting or silhouette lighting is a technique in cinematography where the focus of the light is placed behind the subject (backlighting). Silhouettes are ideal for passing on emotions of anticipation and a sense of intrigue and suspense to your audience. They are also great for emotional storytelling and narrator-audience communication.

A two person camera crew in silhouette
A two person camera crew in silhouette

It takes a lot to achieve the perfect video production. But like with many things in life, the outcome is always worth the time and energy spent. With these tips, you can effortlessly create award-winning video productions which will definitely convert those visitors on your website to permanent clientele.


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