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Why YouTube for Brand Marketing?

The social media platform has been a saving grace for business marketers and brands alike. With many digital options to promote businesses with, it is now effortless to get as many leads as possible. One of such platforms that offers quality and effective marketing options for brands is YouTube.

Almost everyone uses the YouTube app as it is where we get to be close to our favorite internet influencers and celebrities. With high traffic and millions of users, it is also the best avenue for sharing your brand marketing materials.

Why YouTube for Brand Marketing?

With about 55% of marketers using YouTube for brand marketing, YouTube is the most used video marketing platform. What does this tell you? It means it’s time to up your brand visibility with YouTube marketing services, and here are three reasons why:

2023: YouTube has approximately 122 million daily active users
2023: YouTube has approximately 122 million daily active users

Reach a wider audience

Do you know that YouTube is the most used social media platform by adults in the US? Guess you didn’t know that. More than other social media outlets, YouTube sees a 73% app presence, which is quite the stat. In addition, 9 out of 10 users use the YouTube app weekly, and more than half of its users access it daily.

There’s no denying that the user statistics of YouTube are incredibly high, making it an accessible resort for brand marketers. In addition, the stats show that there are a lot of users on the app, making it the ideal platform to meet your target audience and more.

All age grades use YouTube

There’s a video on YouTube for everyone. Both young and old are welcomed on YouTube, making it the ideal platform for go lead hunting. Like fishes at sea, YouTube is a space where you can get different people with many varying interests.

Longer videos are welcoming

YouTube videos can run for as long as 2 hours. This is especially advantageous if you are promoting a product that supports DIY options. In addition, YouTube supports longer than usual ad videos, especially when you run a channel. With YouTube, therefore, you have all the leverage to stretch your videos to any length.

However, depending on the type of video and the preference of your target audience, you may have to adjust your content running time to be shorter or longer than the regular.

How to Optimally Utilize YouTube Marketing Services for your Brand

There are different ways to jump on the train of YouTube marketing services users. To optimally utilize YouTube for your marketing campaigns, here are a few actions you can take:

Create a YouTube channel

Aside from the massive revenue from creating and uploading videos on YouTube, it is the perfect space to store your content for many years. The good thing about YouTube channels is that you can build your clientele base with subscribers, and subscribers can be as high as hundreds of millions of users.

While it takes hard work and patience to build your subscriber base on YouTube, it pays a great deal as more views and likes equate to more publicity and revenue.

Run ads on YouTube

If you do not subscribe to building a YouTube channel from scratch, there’s the option of running ads on YouTube for specific fees. To do this, you do not need to be an active YouTuber. You can easily promote your video ads by creating your ad campaign to suit the type of YouTube ad format (the most used being the YouTube TrueView ads).

This is done by creating a YouTube account and uploading your ad video on the app. after that, you create a Google ad account and create a Google ad campaign. From thence, you complete your campaign ad by following the prompt and setting up all the requirements.

Go through an expert YouTube marketing agency

If you want to relax and just have things taken care of, then a YouTube marketing agency is the go-to. Expert marketing agencies grounded in the dynamics of YouTube marketing can help take your brand to the other level with YouTube. Using a detailed analysis of your business, they will ensure your brand is well marketed on YouTube while checking all the boxes of the SEO list.

YouTube marketing is a highly rated way of promoting your business. Now that you know all you can stand to gain from effectively utilizing YouTube marketing services, you should plan your marketing campaign to include the YouTube platform.


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