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Event Video Production: The Art of Capturing Moments

In the beautiful area surrounding Lac Léman are two big city situated, both with high international orientation: Geneva and Lausanne. Because of the international character of these cities, lots of events, fairs, exhibits and congresses are held each year. Every moment can be important, Tulip Films event video production crew is specialized in recognizing and capturing these moments.

From professional video interviews that grasp the essence of an event to creating mesmerizing after-movies, we specialize in transforming ordinary gatherings into memorable occasions. Event Video Production is a world on its own. In this article we are uncovering its nuances and showcasing the magic involved in Tulip Films event video production in Geneva and Lausanne.

A keynote speaker in giving an interview in front of the cameras of Tulip Films at the Campus BioTech in Geneva
A keynote speaker in giving an interview in front of the cameras of Tulip Films at the Campus BioTech in Geneva

The Magic Begins: Professional Video Interviews

Event Video Production in Geneva and Lausanne

Our videographers have the desire to capture the essence of every event we attend. Most of the after movies we produce for congresses need to contain some words of at least one key-note speaker. Through our expertly-crafted video interviews, we showcase our unwavering dedication to quality.

Every single frame is thoughtfully composed, carefully capturing the full range of emotions, perspectives, and special moments that make your event unforgettable. From high-level business conferences to vibrant cultural celebrations, our lens transforms into a mesmerizing storyteller, skillfully weaving together narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Shaping Event After-Movies, Crafting Digital Memories 

The after-movie experience at Tulip Films is an art, and in Geneva and Lausanne, we paint the canvas of memories with vibrant strokes. Our Event After-Movies encapsulate the energy, spirit, and highlights of your event, allowing you to relive those cherished moments. Through seamless editing and a keen eye for detail, we transform raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece, ensuring your event lives on.

For congresses that demand grandeur, our Congress Videos stand as a testament to precision and sophistication. Whether it's political discourse, academic symposiums, or industry conventions, our team navigates the intricate landscape of congresses, capturing key discussions and pivotal moments during your event. The result is a visual narrative that mirrors the significance of the event and has the desired impact on your target audience.

Our lens not only captures the event but also embraces the breathtaking backdrop of the Geneva and Lausanne area. The scenic beauty adds an extra layer of allure to our Event Video Production, making every frame a visual delight. Whether it is trough beautiful drone shots of the area or ground based b-roll, we make sure the setting of the event is well presented in the event film.


A conference video shot bij Tulip Films for ULIS in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Behind the Scenes in Geneva and Lausanne

The Art of Event Video Production 

Curious about the magic behind the lens? Our behind-the-scenes exploration sheds light on the meticulous planning, coordination, and creative genius that go into Event Video Production. From pre-event preparations to post-production magic, witness the dedication that ensures a seamless and enchanting visual experience.

Beyond mere documentation, our Event Video Production in Geneva and Lausanne embraces interactivity. Explore innovative ways to engage your audience through immersive storytelling, interactive elements, and dynamic visuals. Elevate your events by creating an experience that extends beyond the physical boundaries.


How long does it take to produce a professional event video?

Our timeline varies based on the complexity of the event, in agreement with our client we ensure timely delivery without compromising quality.


Can you incorporate branding elements into our event after-movie?

Absolutely! We work closely with clients to seamlessly integrate branding elements and enhance the overall impact of the after-movie. Such as design elements, logo animations, sounds, fonts and color grades.


What distinguishes your event videos from traditional event coverage in Geneva and Lausanne?

Our event videos go beyond surface-level coverage, delving into key discussions, insights, human interactions and moments that define the essence of the event. After capturing all that, we spend a proper amount of time editing the video in detail so we ensure that these captures moments have their full impact on your target audience.


Do you provide drone footage for capturing scenic views in Geneva and Lausanne?

Yes, we offer drone services to capture breathtaking aerial views, adding a unique perspective to your Event Video Production. We take care of all the necessary permits and compliance even right next to the airport of Geneva.


Is there an option for live streaming our event in Geneva or Lausanne?

Certainly! We offer special live streaming services, ensuring your event reaches a global audience in real-time.


How do you ensure the privacy and security of sensitive event footage in Geneva and Lausanne?

We prioritize data security and confidentiality, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive event footage.

An after-movie produced for Climate Action Accelerator in Campus BioTech in Geneva.



Experience events, fairs, exhibits and congresses in the Geneva and Lausanne area through the lens of Tulip Films as we elevate them with a magical touch through our expert Event Video Production services. Each moment is captured with precision and transformed into a cinematic experience, from professional video interviews to captivating after-movies.

Our congress videos are a testament to our commitment to high quality, captivating videos, showcasing key discussions with sophistication and incorporating the stunning scenery of the region into every frame. Behind the scenes, our meticulous planning ensures a flawless visual experience that goes far beyond simple documentation. With our timely delivery, seamless integration of branding, drone services, and live streaming options, Tulip Films offers a comprehensive and secure solution for all your event video production needs.


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