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What is Facebook Video Marketing?

To have a successful business, you start by forming the thoughts, planning to build it, raising capital and getting investors, and so on. A critical step to a successful business is marketing. Without proper and strategic marketing, your business will never get to the ears of your target customers; neither will it climb the ladder up to the helm of the market economy.

Marketing gives you an edge over competitors, which is why your marketing strategy needs to be continually updated based on market and social factors.

Digital Video Marketing

Digital marketing is the order of the day for businesses especially being in a digitally-run world. The internet and social media have made marketing so easy that with a strong internet connection and a good smartphone or camera, you can reach thousands of people in a few minutes.

Perfect for businesses, especially up and coming businesses, with a minimal marketing budget. A popular type of digital marketing is video marketing. This includes video ads, website videos, product videos, TV commercials, social media video marketing, and Facebook video marketing.

A popular chat and social platform, whoever thought Facebook would become such a powerful tool for business marketing? In this article, you will learn how to harness Facebook for marketing your business and tips to get it right at Facebook video marketing.

What is Facebook Video Marketing?

Facebook video marketing is an online marketing strategy where you use the Facebook ad campaign option to create and post your video ads on Facebook.

Statistics show that television ads cost 20 times more than Facebook video ads, making Facebook video marketing ads one of the most consumed forms of video advertising. 74% of Facebook users login in daily. As the 3rd largest social media platform, it’s no secret that Facebook video marketing is a quick way to share your brand on a global scale.

On Facebook, you could share your video ads in different ways – pre-recorded video ads, live video ads, and videos on your Facebook stories,

Below are helpful tips to turn you into a Facebook video marketing pro.

74% of Facebook users login in daily, the majority on mobile devices
74% of Facebook users login in daily, the majority on mobile devices

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Marketing

To be successful at Facebook video marketing, some factors come into play which you must pay attention to and ensure that you have them in place. These factors make for an effective Facebook video marketing.

1. Build your subscribers and followership

The first set of people who will view your Facebook video ads are subscribers and followers of your Facebook business page. If you have a few followers, chances are that your video ad may not reach a broad range of audiences in time. The key is to invest in getting more followers and subscribers before investing hugely in making Facebook videos.

2. Always ask your audience to share

Always have a call to action. This is very important if you want your audience to do something after watching your video. Encourage your viewers to click a link, subscribe to your page, buy a product or patronize a service. Creatively ask them to share your Facebook video. They could share to family and friends on social media platforms; disseminating the word about your brand, making it faster and easier to reach other viewers.

3. Keep it short, simple and direct

As usual, do not overstretch the subject matter of your video. Let your video be exciting, current, thorough, but at the same time, direct and simple. People tire easily from long videos, so ensure that your video can hook your viewers in the first few seconds.

4. Use an eye-catching thumbnail – not clickbait

While the idea of click baits – false captions that pique viewers’ interest and force them to click on your video – are enticing, avoid using as much as possible. It dampens your integrity, and in the long run, viewers will attribute your videos to lying captions. They may not be moved to click anymore. Instead, go for eye-catching thumbnails (a lot can be said in a simple but exciting thumbnail, and it will do the job of getting you, viewers).

5. Include captions

Just like thumbnails, captions are the very first thing viewers see before clicking on your Facebook video. Your caption should be a very brief pointer of what viewers should expect without lying to them (click baits). Use catchy captions as well, and keep it short. Ensure your caption is focused on what the video is about but mysterious enough to make them want to find out more.


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