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Content Marketing in Switzerland

Suppose you ever feel like you are doing everything right with your business, but your brand is still stuck at a certain level, refusing to grow. Perhaps you are not doing enough content marketing. Or maybe you are not marketing with effective methods.

The stats show that 72% of marketers believe content marketing increases customer engagement. The same percentile testified that it has increased their conversion of leads. Without content, your brand will lack exposure, and your leads might gradually grow less and less until you are back to where you started from.

Without the right audience and customers, the aim of your brand is incomplete. To prevent this or remedy such a situation, you should intentionally create valuable, engaging, interactive and natural content as a content marketing strategy to keep your business afloat.

Continue with us to introduce you to content marketing and the various types of content marketing you can employ for effective content marketing campaigns.

Switzerland not being part of the EU really has a culture of its own
Switzerland not being part of the EU really has a culture of its own

What is Content Marketing?

The first thing you should know about content marketing is that it is not a sales pitch. Sometimes, customers need to see content that is not badgering them about buying a product or patronizing a service. The essence of content marketing is to make, distribute and share quality content with your target audience.

Content marketing in Switzerland is all about distributing valuable content to your old customers and new leads in a way that feels natural and organic to them. With content marketing, you identify a problem your target audience might have, sympathize with their plight and proffer a solution or answer that should creatively and naturally point to your brand.

The Various Types of Content Marketing in Switzerland

With our world already a digitally-driven space, everything that could be done in print is now done digitally and online. The most common and effective ways of creating content in Switzerland is done digitally, and here are the ways:

1. Video Content Marketing

The success of video contents is high, making it a choice way to digitally market your brand. There are various ways to market your brand through video content, including website videos, social media videos and TV commercials.

2. Social Media Content Marketing

Social media content marketing is all about optimally utilizing your social media pages to grow your business and clientele base. With over 3 million social media users globally and billions of people who use the internet daily, social media is one of the fastest ways of reaching prospects and converting them to leads.

3. Blog Content Marketing

Your brand should have a blog dedicated to creating awareness, answering questions, and talking about your company's business issues. For instance, a skincare brand should regularly post content on skincare woes, tips and hacks, DIYs, product reviews, and likes. Customers are more likely to engage in a blog post.

With your SEO campaign done accurately, your blog posts are likely to be amongst the top results on a search engine result page when your target audience search for your brand-related info. This way, you have high chances of converting sales leads and leading people to your website. Keep your blog content engaging, simple and straightforward.

4. Infographics Content Marketing

Infographics are graphic designs primarily of highly visual images, graphs, and texts that communicate information about a particular topic concerning your brand. They are mainly used for explaining complex business procedures, show research and surveys results, and summarize a brand's report.

The secret behind successful Infographics is the graphic design quality, so you must get an expert graphic designer to produce your brand's Infographics designs. Ensure there is little clustering of info and that the designs go beyond exciting your audience to communicating information relevant to your audience.


Costing 62% less than traditional marketing, and with about a 4 billion digital population globally, content marketing is the holy grail of business growth. To up your game and push your business to the next level, you should use the correct type of content marketing campaign that suits the kind of content you want to put out there. You may also enlist an expert content marketing strategist's help to professionally promote your marketing campaign and bring your brand to a higher level.


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