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How to create online videos in Lausanne?

In this age, everything is online – the internet has made tasks and leisure way more fun and simpler. You can watch various types of videos online and also share them online too. Whether you are a consumer or a seller, you can find a video out there on the internet for you.

With power online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, IG and others, as a brand owner, your online videos can reach far and wide, beyond your expectations. And if you’re a brand consumer or a regular internet visitor, you can have access to a beehive of videos, thanks to the internet.

Let’s get on into the types of online videos there are to help you know how to make your selection when you want to create videos for the internet space.

recording of an online video in Lausanne
recording of an online video in Lausanne

Types of Videos You Can Find Online

With millions of videos online, it could be daunting telling the difference between the various kinds of videos, especially if you are looking to digitally market your brand. It could also be confusing to create online videos in Lausanne, selecting which type of video would sit well with your target audience and how to go about making them do your call to action in your videos. Well worry no more! We are here to help make things easier for you.

How to create online videos in Lausanne

Let’s look at some common types of online videos below and in no time, you won’t find it a chore to create the right type of video suitable for the message you want to communicate.

1. Social Media Videos

These are videos tailored for social media and social media platforms – Facebook, IG, Tiktok, YouTube and likes. They could be as simple as a live video where you have no prior opportunity to edit your videos, to thoroughly scripted, acted and edited videos like comedy skits and after movies of events.

2. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are best shared on social platforms like YouTube, so your subscribers and prospective clientele can always come back to watch. Because of the nature of these types of videos, they ought to be detailed, created with the intent to clearly and succinctly communicate the message to even a novice in the area of focus. Examples include dance tutorial videos, online video courses and explanation videos – videos on how to use a brand product or do a task by yourself.

3. Brand Videos

Any video about your business is a brand video. It could be an introduction video, telling the market about your business and what you have to offer. It could also be a product video about your products or a new product you have for your customers, or even content marketing video.

4. Video Ads

Video ads can be shared on many platforms online. They could be in-game apps videos, website videos, blog videos, social media platform videos, and whatnot. The rationale behind the versatility of online video ads is that the internet is a very big community and there are a lot of customers on the internet to go round for everybody.

Do You Need an Expert To Create Online Videos in Lausanne?

While there are tools and a lot of help out there to aid you in making the best online videos for whatever your purpose is, the essence of an expert online video maker or producer cannot be overstated.

You can only do so much with your brand’s online videos but with the help of an expert or a team of professionals, you could create a masterpiece. Filming and editing can be tedious and if your online videos involve actors, you may also need to consider script writing and directing. That’s a whole lot of work for just you alone to handle.

If you would rather just focus on your brand and ensuring your videos reach the right audience once they are ready, then get an expert to work on creating the best online videos for you. As usual, ensure this expert is skilled, professional, creative and most importantly, won’t demand you max out your credit card.

With a quality online video, your brand could get the exposure it has been lacking and you can convert as many leads as possible. Only work towards ensuring every new video is better than the former.


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