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Filmmaker in Lausanne

Entertainment is a key part of humanity. Most people go through a weekly ritual of work, commitments, family; including the Royals. We take a break from this monotonically through our hobbies and entertainment.

In the 20s, we were entertained by the radio. Television was ubiquitous in the 1960s. We still enjoy video entertainment today. In fact, we use videos for much more than entertainment. We use it in education, public awareness, films are now the premier mode of getting information.

Our need for films is only increasing. So is our need for filmmakers, including in a city as beautiful as Lausanne. What makes a filmmaker good? Read till the end to find out.

Accommodation of storylines

Your filmmaker is there to put your story out there. They are tasked with putting your information in the best possible light. The process should be: a film writer (you?) puts an idea on paper. Then you find a filmmaker to put bring that story to life. Your filmmaker should not rewrite your entire script. They shouldn’t bring a film they have in mind to life.


What makes a movie outstanding? Why are action movies, like Secret Agents which was filmed in Lausanne, captivating? People like these movies because fantasies they consider impossible are being acted out. It takes a creative filmmaker to bring these bizarre stories to screen while keeping people safe and not breaking the bank.

a two person film crew filming a scene at a lake
a two person film crew filming a scene at a lake


Who wouldn’t want a blockbuster level budget for their 20-minute documentary? When money is not a hindrance, quality should go through the roof. Right? Well no. You need a production that meets your current financial needs. Whether the film is a video advertisement for your business or a family documentary, the production should be financially sound. You need a filmmaker who can deliver quality within your budget.

Attention to detail

There are a lot of moving parts in setting up a film. You’ll need a filmmaker in Lausanne who can bring all these parts together. Someone who plans, keeping the desired finished product in mind at all times. You need someone who will see what you missed and ensure that your film comes out great.

Experienced filmmakers

They say experience is the best teacher. Film-making can be expensive, some YouTube videos cost $2,000 a minute to create. You need your movie to be great the 1st time. Under most contracts, every re-edit, review, re-casting, re-shooting, etc.; costs francs. Do not re-invent the wheel. Get a filmmaker who knows what they’re doing. Someone who can come up with a credible format specific to the information you would like to disseminate. To contact experienced filmmakers in Lausanne, fill this form here.

Team players

Making a film is a collective endeavor. You need someone ready to sacrifice, within reason, for the good of the project. Someone who won’t hoard the spotlight or worse, take the spotlight away from what matters.

Filmmaker in Lausanne

The list above may look daunting. I get how you feel. It seems like getting the right filmmaker may be a full-time job by itself. I’ve got the perfect antidote for this predicament. Contact a marketing professional who hires filmmakers for a living. This team works for various firms in the city of Lausanne. We deal with the headaches so you don’t have to!

By 2023 we at Tulip Films have completed over 250 films. These films have been video marketing ads, professional introduction videos, video resumes, company profiles, etc. You name it, we’ve probably done it.

Film movies, television series, short films, even news casting all need filmmakers. Whether you want an ad for your company, or perhaps you want a documentary for your mom’s 90th birthday. Whatever your film needs are, a filmmaker is here to help. If you’re in the city of Lausanne, or indeed any city in Switzerland, you can always contact us here


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