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Video marketing Lausanne

The target or aim of every business is to make profits while attending to the needs of its prospective leads. To achieve this, businesses patronize the services of skilled marketers to create exposure for these companies and ultimately direct the right traffic and prospects to the business.

One way to create awareness of your brand in Lausanne is by video marketing. Video marketing is one of the fastest ways to get the word out there about your brand. It is becoming even more essential in the digitally-driven world we have today.

To get started on video ads, do read till the end.

What is video marketing?

The first step to boosting your business through video marketing is by getting introduced to video advertising basics. Video marketing is a form of digital marketing which involves displaying ads in online video content. This may come before, after, or during a video stream which are strategic placings for more ads’ viewings.

Key benefits of video marketing

Video ads are the future of digital marketing, and the sooner you jump on this trend, the better. Here, we educate you on why video ads might just be the upping you need for your failing brand.

1. Less expensive

You can create a captivating and valuable video ad for your business on a strict budget. It is budget-friendly, and you will not be required to run down your business to fund a video ad project.

2. Attracts more online leads

In a world of mobile phones and fast going internet connection, which makes streaming content online quite easy, no one pays that much attention to non-visual content anymore.

One of the most consumed online content today is video content. The stats is that people watch an average of 16 hours of online video content a week. A 2017 Study showed that branded video content was in more demand by consumers(by 53%) than other types of content. Recently, 83% of video marketers reported that video ads generated more leads for them.

Marketing video shoot with a green screen
Marketing video shoot with a green screen

3. More appealing to prospective consumers

The combination of audio and visuals is more appealing to the human senses, creating better and longer engagement. It’s more likely that due to seeing and hearing(which heightens our interest in a specific thing and can secure our attention for a while), consumers will watch an ad through till the end than text ads.

4. Reaches a wider audience

With spreading video content across the globe, it’s just a click of the share button away. This is a great way to get your business to reach a large number of audiences in just a short period, especially on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

5. Converts sales quicker

An engaging video ad that has an emotional impact on a consumer and gives an excellent description of the product will increase consumers’ chances of buying that product. A survey by popular online retail shops pegs this at a 35 percentile.

6. Search engine friendly

One of the many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits is higher search engine rankings, which equates to more traffic on your website. Video ads rate higher on top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo

7. Great ROI

The Return on Investment of video marketing is substantially higher, and we have stats to attest to that. Statistics show that about 91% of brands who market using video ads are satisfied with video ads’ ROI on social media platforms.

Video marketing Lausanne– beginner to pro

While the idea of video ads for your Lausanne brand’s promotion is an excellent idea, there are ways to water down its effects, especially if done wrongly. To hit it big with video marketing in Lausanne, run with these few tips:

  • Keep your videos short as people easily lose interest in watching very long ads.

  • Employ the services of a professional video marketing company for the utmost optimization of the video ad.

  • Work with online video content creators for creativity and uniqueness.

  • Create ads specific to your target audience.

  • Include a call to action at the end, so your prospects take a step to buying your products or using your services.

  • Pass simple and clear messages.

  • Stand out from the crowd with original ideas and captivating content.


Having a brand is one thing – anyone can own a brand – but keeping your brand at the fore, amidst the market competition is another. As a business owner, you should actively be on the lookout for ways to keep your business competition-worthy and be up to date with market trends.

One such way is marketing your products through video ads, and if you take to the tips and guidelines in this article, you will be on your way to becoming the proud owner of an A-list brand.


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