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Professional Marketing Video

You’re probably wondering why your site isn’t getting as much traffic as is required to boost your business? Or maybe your customers are flocking towards your competitors, pushing your business to the back of the line?

In this article, you will learn about professional marketing videos. This major sales driver will upgrade your business and take it to the next level. It’s a form of digital marketing that often proves to get the desired results and gives brands the exposure they need to thrive in this digital age of tight market competition.

A survey shows that customers would rather opt for a video ad about a product than read about it. Another study shows that 81% of consumers bought a product after watching a marketing video about that product.

It’s unarguably glaring that with such high stats, the odds favor marketing videos. Following trend analysis, your business has a high chance of benefiting from a professional marketing video.

What is Video Marketing?

It is simply a digital marketing strategy where videos are used for advertising and communicating the mission statement of a brand. Marketing videos aim to reach many people within a limited time. Following video watching statistics, this is good for business. A recent survey predicts that video traffic will be 82% of global internet traffic by 2021.

*An example of a professional marketing video created by Tulip Films

Who Can Use Professional Marketing Video?

There is no discrimination with marketing videos; both top-tier brands and small businesses can up their games with marketing videos. The benefits of marketing videos for business growth are numerous. However, factors like cost and time may deter investing in promotional videos, especially by small businesses.

Engaging creators that exceed your budget as an entrepreneur or small business owner can throw you off balance and make you miss out on the advantages of video ads. However, working with simple beginner-friendly video marketing software or enlisting a budget-friendly video marketing agency or expert will remedy this situation. And as your business progresses and entertains greater ROI, you may climb the ladder to the more sophisticated and costly marketing videos.

Also, businesses online and offline can use videos as a marketing strategy. A large base of your target customers may be online. With the rise in social media usage, online videos (especially those on social media platforms and video streaming apps like Youtube) have more chances of being seen than physical ads like billboards and whatnot. Whether you operate a digital office or work in physical locations, marketing videos will go a long way to spreading the word about your brand.

If you want to create a video ad that is peculiar to your brand on a shoestring budget and within a limited time, keep reading for simple and easy tips to make a professional marketing video that will communicate your brand’s mission and entice buyers to jump on your product.

Tips for Creating Professional Marketing Videos like an Expert

a professional videographer shooting a promotional video
a professional videographer shooting a promotional video

1. Tailor your video content to your market audience

Know the leads you want to attract, and keep your videos tailored to communicate effectively to such a group. For instance, If your target is youths, let your videos be fun and modern and center around issues they can relate to as youths.

2. Keep your videos concise

A decent professional video marketing ad should not be too long that it overstretches the message or too short so as not to cover the message. You should also make the first few seconds of your video count. This often determines if a viewer watches the video till the end. Be concise in introducing your product or service and its use.

3. Use attention-catching title

Your title is the first point of contact with the viewers, and so it has to be captivating enough to make them want to click and share.

4. Mobile-friendly videos are the best

Many internet consumers visit the internet on their mobile phones. Chances are that your marketing video will be viewed on mobiles and need to be simple enough to navigate on mobiles.

5. Your voice matters too

Use a professional voice for your ad videos. Practice adequately before releasing the final version of your marketing video. If being professional in voicing seems impossible, get the help of a professional voice artist.

6. Focus on your story and not the sales

Suppose you pass off the message that you are only interested in sales conversion and getting leads. In that case, you may kill the interest of potential leads. A good story will draw the right audience and even go as far as to convert them to permanent buyers.


Having a thriving, successful business comes with its risks and its ups and downs. It’s never a smooth rosy path all through – even the giants in the economic market will testify to this. Nonetheless, You should incorporate these tips and tricks of professional marketing videos in your business’s digital marketing plans to take your brand to the top and keep it there for the longest time.


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