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Promotional Business Video

There are various ways to get your business out there and climb up the ladder of success in the economic space. Video advertising is one quick way to get across to customers and potential leads alike. It's a form of digital marketing strategy that actually yields results. You can get your business deals and offers to as many leads as possible through promotional business videos shared on various social media platforms.

This article is a quick read of how you can get your business huge traffic and exposure using promo videos. Keep reading till the end to get the crux of how this works for your business.

What is a Promotional Business Video?

Have you ever seen a video pop up minutes into your favorite TV show or on an internet page you're surfing? Hello, promo videos!

In simple terms, a promotional business video (promo video) is any video or clip made to promote or create awareness about a business. It is a form of video advertising that targets a particular business purpose, such as a video to tell consumers about a new product from a company or a new business offer that a company may want customers to know about. Examples of this are sales or discount offers.

Promo videos address consumers' wants and need personally, without badgering them about buying the product. It brings their needs to light and promotes the business as the solution without focusing on sales.

*an example of a promotional business video by Tulip Films

Now you get it. So how do you get started on making your promo videos? We'll get into that in a few. Next up are the types of promotional business videos that will guide you in making informed choices on promo videos to work with.

Female entrepreneur looking to create a promotional business video
Female entrepreneur looking to create a promotional business video

The 5 Common Types of Business Promo Videos

1. Video Ads

There's a thin difference between promo videos and video ads. Sometimes they're used interchangeably but mean different things. Video ads are a category of promotional videos that do more than focus on a specific about your business but try to persuade customers to buy the product or service being advertised.

2. Tutorial Videos

Consumers love "How-to" videos that show them how to get done something relating to your business. Examples are videos showing and telling how to use a new piece of fitness equipment or how to use an upgraded type of vacuum cleaner. To hook prospects with tutorial videos, keep it short and straightforward.

3. Introduction Videos

Maybe you run a business new to town, or you offer services novel to your target audience. The best way to spread the word about your brand is by making intro videos that add credibility to your brand.

4. FAQ Videos

FAQ videos – as suggested by its name –addresses frequently asked questions about the products or services offered by your brand. They also explain details about your brand that your clients find to be unclear.

5. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos highlight customers' testimonies and reviews about your brand. This has more effect, especially when you want to convince other prospective customers that your business is ideal for them. This is because customers' reviews influence how new targets view and rate your brand.

Tips on How to Create the Best Promotional Business Video

There are a zillion promo video maker apps out there with awesome storyboard templates and other features and tools to get your promo video up and running. Another option is to contact a professional video production company, they have specific video production processes in place to help their client reach their goals. Whatever way you choose to make your promotional business videos, these tips will help you give only the best.

1. Put it in a script

Not necessarily like a movie script, but outline the basics of your promotional video. Address essential questions like the purpose of the video, the video's content, the target audience of the video, and most importantly, the features of the promo you want your customers to focus on.

2. Create a storyboard

A storyboard includes standalone graphical scenes and parts of the video you want to create. It helps you effectively view these parts before merging them into the video.

3. Keep it short

Most promo videos are usually under 2 minutes. You should pass your message during this time frame, highlighting the key points you want your customers to focus on. If necessary, the video can be longer.

4. Actively edit

You do not want to skip this vital stage. Editing brings to the fore errors made when casting, acting, and filming. It also provides an opportunity to correct these mistakes before sharing the finished video. For instance, not capturing important moments or filming from the wrong angle.

5. Share your promotional business video

The final and most crucial step to promotional videos is sharing them on the right platforms like your email lists, websites, social media accounts, and others.

Pro Tip: always end with a call to action.

Creating a promo video may seem like a herculean task, but there’s no cause for alarm. With these tips, you are sure to bring any promo idea into a groundbreaking reality video.


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